NAPSR, National Association of Powered Skateboard Racing

NAPSR Supports Adrenalina
July 22, 2011
The National Association of Powered Skateboard Racing (NAPSR) is the official governing body of powered skateboard racing, led by James Hawkins. The NAPSR is recognizing and supporting the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon through their donation of their electric skateboards as the official pace vehicles of the New York City race. They are very excited about push culture and the future it holds. The Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon race committee is excited to work with James Hawkins and is grateful of the donation of the electric skateboards.

X-Calibur Motorized Skateboards Supports Adrenalina

July 21, 2011
A very unique item, including the money prize purse, the top male and female finisher will also receive an X-Calibur Motorized Skateboard. It’s a first of it’s kind and is sure to be a ton of fun. For more information go to


The two partners were accused of taking a big gamble when they took all their life’s savings followed their senior partner Col. Billy Browns advice and leads and embarked on a journey to introduce the only racing machine on earth that had not been powered, " The Skateboard ".

While tinkering around in his garage Hawkins and fellow rider Carlos Novo put their ideas together and low and behold Carlos Novo master fabricator and master craftsman fashioned what they perceived as the answer to the Question How does one go about powering a skateboard?  They answered it and got an A+ Welcome to Our World!.


The most demanding sport in the GALAXY. With over 50 million fans as its base and all of them currently counted as Hard Core, Die Hard skaters and an untapped virgin potential of three times that figure as a fan base ready to jump aboard. Finally Skateboarding has achieved a competition worthy of attracting even outsiders, the non skating fans who never had reason to climb aboard before certainly have plenty of reason now This fan base is expected to swell to three times that many fans. Well Guess what now they have it.

Look out world POWERED SKATEBOARD RACING is here. As it sweeps the globe assisted by the Internet. This demanding sport says Hawkins will achieve in a very short time financial numbers that will be mind-boggling. Think about the fan base is already at 50 million. Expected to surge in just two years to three times that figure. That is startling to think about as the number one sport of fans today is at 200 million. Hawkins reiterates the numbers don’t lie. They never lie. And we certainly are numbers consciences.

Daily News Article 07-19-10

Link to Daily News Article

It was another awesome day at the Velodrome as " The Duster " Dustin Wagenbach  held his lead again holds on to his number 1 ranking. That’s right Dustin Wagenbach is the reigning National and World Champion of  the POWERED SKATEBOARD RACING Circuit. The Daily news was there yet again snapping a rarer shot of Dustin Wagenbach going down during one of the races. I think that’s the first time he has ever fallen said one photographer from the paper. Wagenbach was quick to add, "  Its probably the last time you will ever see me fall too, which should make that photo very valuable in the
years to come."

The Champions from the 2009 season are:

First Place ..........................Dustin  "The Duster" Wagenbach
Second Place.......................Carlos  "Cool" Novo
Third Place......................... Zak  "The Yak" Mayall
Fourth Place........................Andrew "The Android" Ruiz
Fifth Place...........................Matt Peckson
Sixth Place..............   .........Steven Dodgens
August 16, 2009 at the Encino Velodrome, Encino, California
The National Association of Powered Skateboard Racing
Video Shoot to create and document the FIRST ever
Organized Powered Skateboard race.

This has truly been an astounding year in the skateboarding community.
Especially August 16, 2009. Through the culmination of hard work and and team spirit the "X-Calibur Performance Powered Skateboard Racing Team" headed by Jimmy Hawkins and Gregg Cassity have unleashed perhaps the most exciting new sport to be enjoyed by the sport loving world. If you think skateboarding is for kids.

Please don’t mention this to this team. Headed by Dustin Wagenbach, Zakary Mayall and Carlos Novo this high energy is about to turn the skateboarding community upside down. With speeds exceeding 35 mph the National Association of Powered Skateboard Racing (NAPSR) is announcing to the world "That Powered Skateboarding has been born.

The first ever of its kind, "Powered Skateboard Racing".

Their is an adrenal rush that is like nothing short of winning a championship. Skateboarders, you would have to ride either Down Hill Racing to even begin to understand the differences between down hill racing and powered racing. I like to explain it like this says Hawkins " Fear is what most people think about when the topic of an adrenal discharge in the body occurs and it has no euphoric effect on the human psyche. Unlike the fear factor, high speed skateboarding and maneuvering at high speeds the rider knows that he is riding the razors edge. Relying on sensations that the human body experiences during these times there is an Adrenal discharge but it is not associated with fear. It is associated with the sense of accomplishment. When you perform a high-speed maneuver you know that you riding the razors edge. The feeling is like nothing I ever experienced before. I never rode a skateboard as a kid. It was not until I was in my mid 50s that out of boredom and the lack of excitement that I married a Currie Technologies scooter to a skateboard. The first time I rode it I was hooked. Never in my life did I feel that kind of freedom the exhilaration that I derive from riding today have heard approach this excitement.

NAPSR would like to personally thank Colonel Billy Brown, James J. Cassity and Robert Dell King for their contributions and support to insure this event could happen.