NAPSR, National Association of Powered Skateboard Racing


The National Association Of Powered Skateboard Racing Knows what they have. Racing its been around since the beginning of time. It is known as the biggest draw, the biggest revenue generator, and as far as sports go the most sensational and exciting.

Modeled after NASCAR, NAPSR is in the drivers seat with what is being sold as the salvation to the lost demographics that ESPN has just reported it has lost in the age group 18 to 35. NASCAR and ESPN conclude one thing and one thing only these fans have left and are needing something that is different. The answer is obvious at least to us if one out of eight people ride a skateboard three times a week, and that’s worldwide, one out of eight. Give them Powered Skateboard Racing. It is the biggest opportunity as far as investing goes only second to the ridiculous 1.6 Trillion dollars literally given away to the banks. That is but you would have needed to be a banker to enjoy your multi-million dollar bonus. We missed that one too. But there is no need to miss this one. Get aboard while you can. There will b e no need to call twice for this feast.
The National Association of Powered Skateboard Racing is committed to the propagation of the exciting sport of POWERED SKATEBOARD RACING. It is lead by dynamos James Hawkins and Gregg Cassity whom were challenged by Col. Billy Brown to architect their recently invented 5th wheel designed and configured POWERED RACING SKATEBOARD. What happened next was beyond belief in less than two years this sport has gone from three prototypes to more than 100 full bore racing skateboards that compete in these races. The X-Calibur is the only proven racing skateboard in existence to date. It is for this reason that this style of racing exists at all.

The NAPSR recognizes that this sport is not for amateurs and can be dangerous even in the most ideal settings if the Rules and Regulations set forth by the NAPSR are not utilized and put into play. It is the role of the NAPSR to promote POWERED SKATEBOARD RACING and at the same time adopt rules and regulations that will ensure that this style of racing is conducted as safely as humanely possible.

Remember do not participate in any event unless SANCTIONED by the NAPSR. And Sanctioning Kits are Available.

The National Association Of Powered Skateboard Racing announced that its Board of Directors has elected Carlos Novo to the steering committee, business partners James Hawkins and Gregg Cassity lead The organization. The two have

Proven to the world that their teams newly inaugurated sport of "POWERED SKATEBOARD RACING" is a viable sport and interest in this sport has exploded and is being embraced around the world. 

T- Mobile has entered into the European Circuit agreeing to sponsor the Germans with their second Velodrome race of the 2010 season commences the first week in December. Meanwhile here in the U.S., the X-Calibur Performance Powered Skateboard Racing Team is looking and sounding like a high performance engine ready to eat the competition. 

The National Association Of Powered Skateboard Racing has endorsed the X-Calibur Skateboard Manufacturing Company and its racing team is revving its engine as its Sept 25th 2010 date approaches. This is the second year that the X-Calibur Skateboard Manufacturing Company is sanctioned by the NAPSR.

James Hawkins who presides over the regulatory body takes his job extremely serious. This no non-sense ex- flight instructor approaches everything exactly the same way as he approached flight instruction. Hawkins was quoted " When one assumes the responsibilities and duties to successfully accomplish the objective than at that moment he becomes responsible for its failures or successes. In flight instruction failure means death and usually to many people. In racing it means the same. I fortunately never learned how to fail. Only to succeed. You succeed by preparing properly and thoroughly. You accept only proper and sound information. You question that which needs to be questioned and accept that which you are best served as just accepting. It’s that cut and dry" If you work harder and smarter than the next guy you should win. Even when you don’t win, you still win. That is the winning recipe, after all you should have still learned something in the defeat.

The second season kicks off with the early enrollment that commences on Sept 25, 2010.  The actual opening race will be the following week at the Encino Velodrome On October 2, 2010. The 2009 season was no surprise as Dustin "The Duster" Wagenbach continued to dominate the entire field of racing showing no mercy at all on the track to his fellow racers.

Meanwhile Carlos Novo, Zak Mayall, Andy Ruiz, Matt Peckson, Steve Dodgens and Kevin Hewitt will have their eye on the new comers as  "The Bomber" Guy Bodman enters the expert field easily qualifying to race the POWERED SKATEBOARD RACING CIRCUIT. See you at the races.

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