NAPSR, National Association of Powered Skateboard Racing

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National Association of Powered Skateboard Racing Rules

At ALL NAPSR sanction races there will be TWO Certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians)

Applicable Rules Governing
Powered Skateboard Racing
1. All racers will check in 1 hour prior to race start time
2. All participants must have Release Form 101A signed at each racing event. If a minor is going to race a parent or guardian must sign for the riders Release Form 101A if there is no guardian or parent available for signature the rider will not be allowed to ride in that event.
3. NO Alcohol or Illegal Drugs on the track.
4. If racer is discovered to be under the influence of Alcohol or drugs they will be taken out of the race immediately.
5. Minimal contact - no hands
6. Reasonable and safe racing will be conducted by all riders at all times.
7. No edging or cutting off any racers that would force any other racer off the track high or low.
8. A Yellow flag will be shown if a rider is down, all racers will enter into pit or the infield. Racing will commence upon official notice.
9. No restarts for falling early in the race.
10. Restarts for false starting.

Battery Voltage not to exceed 36VDC.

There will be a 10-15 minute interval between races to allow for “Pit” time.
“Pit” time being defined as the racers time to make any necessary adjustments or repairs to their electric skateboards.

A racer with their qualified board will do ONE lap before any racing begins to verify (via Radar gun) that the Electric Skateboard does not go any slower than 15MPH or faster than 40MPH.

The racers may charge their batteries during races. The switching of a battery counts to the 10-15 minute allowance for “Pit” time (should a racer be in consecutive races).

In addition to allowing for riders to be checked in at the start, all riders must be present after check-in for a safety tutorial that makes clear that good sportsmanship and proper and safe conduct will be
Expected at all times.
A rider will be ejected if during any of the races the racer exhibits intentional or reckless racing practices

The rider is subject to examination at any time and all specified safety equipment must be worn at all times of racing.

Safety Wear
(If a rider does not have the following safety wear they will not be allowed To RACE, NO EXCEPTIONS)

Equipment is subject to the following guidelines and regulated at the discretion of the race officials.

(Preferred DOT and ECE-2205 certified)
A Full Face Helmet is mandatory and must meet current accepted standards by the racing industry

The specific safety components to be utilized during the conduit of the racing are as follows: Helmet Knee pads, Long Pants and Sleeved Shirt, Shoes and Gloves. .

Board equipment
The board will measure no more than 6 feet in length and no wider than 13 inches across. The skateboard system must have must have an emergency cut-off that disables the motor if needed.

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NAPSR Sponsors

NAPSR would like to personally thank Our Sponsors, Colonel Billy Brown, James J. Cassity and Robert Dell King for their contributions and support to enable NAPSR to create the Next Extreme Sport of Powered Skakeboard Racing.